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Notion Career Journal


A career journal created in Notion that serves as one central place to document projects throughout your entire career in Tech.


Calling all Product Managers, Product Designers, and Engineers. This Notion template is a career journal that serves as one central place for you to document, scan through, and find projects that you have worked on throughout your entire career in Tech. This journal is meant to make it easier when it comes time to update your resume, your portfolio, or speak to specifics during interviews.

The journal comes with convenient features such as:

  • Sorted by company vs view all
  • Filtered by Category (types of work or skills you may need to speak to such as "Leadership" or "Research")  or Scope (size of projects such as "Epic" or "Solo")
  • All filters can be edited, added, or removed to fit your needs.
  • The project entry layout is saved as a template that can be used for every new entry OR you can start with a blank screen.
    • The template comes jammed back with information like a project overview, goals, stakeholders, learnings, KPIs, and more.


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