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Notion Portfolio


A full portfolio no-code site created in Notion that includes a project template, an about section, and a resume template.


Calling all creatives! This Notion site is a no-code portfolio that mimics the functionality of a full website with navigation links and personal branding.

The portfolio comes with every feature needed:

  • A landing page for you to showcase your skills, process, and accolades
  • A resume template
  • A portfolio section fit for a gallery of projects
    • A project template with an example project inside

Note: This product pairs well with the Career Journal

Additional information


This is not an instant-access, downloadable product.

You will need to do the following to access your product:
1) Select the checkbox at Checkout to subscribe to emails
2) Check your inbox (and junk) for
– a verification email and verify that you have subscribed to receive emails
– the product email and click the button to get directed to Notion
3) Use the "Duplicate" feature in the top right-hand corner to copy the template in your own workspace