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Go-To Spot
A food journal made by foodies for foodies


Most people have a way of finding food inspiration and then, quickly forget what dish they ordered and whether or not they actually liked it. Those days are gone with the creation of Go-To Spot. This is the story of how a mobile app was born from my obsession with documenting all of my culinary experiences.


  • Product Manager (myself)
  • Product Designer + Researcher (myself)
  • App/Business Owner (myself)
  • Solo Engineer


4 releases over one year


Enable a user to document and share their culinary experiences.

I started on this journey because I personally tried many different methods and products to document my own experiences but, I was left frustrated. If I was going to get into the app game it had to be something I was passionate enough about that I myself would be a power user.

The goal was to start small; create a lean app that was different and valuable enough as an MVP to attract early users. The early adopters’ feedback would help shape the release plan for future phases of the app.

I had to wear many hats to get this project off the ground. Business owner, content creator/social media manager, product designer, product manager, etc. To actually get it developed I partnered with a freelance software engineer.

This is not a case study to show value but, rather a case study of my learnings throughout the journey of becoming an App creator.


Analyze the market

Go-To Spot - Product Case Study 1
Go-To Spot - Product Case Study 2

“Early findings determined how to build the business model, which platform we would be most competitive, and core features needed for MVP.


Mass distribution of a “Concept Testing” survey.

I utilized my network to conduct concept testing as an early-stage market research method that maximized my odds of launching a product that people will use. I was able to gather a general sense of how unique and relevant my app concept would be and captured great feature requests via “magic wand” questions.

What is your initial reaction?


Extremely Positive

Is it unique compared to other products?


Very Unique

Does it solve your problem?


Nothing Else Solves My Problem Like This

I travel a lot for work. This app would be helpful when I go to different cities to remember what was good and where I would like to try next or go back to.

Survey Participant

I really like that it will tell me where I go out to eat most often – that way I can switch it up between my favorite spots.

Survey Participant

More coming soon. Until then, support the app production via survey participation here