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Wright Way Wrestling is an elite-level wrestling club based out of Indianapolis that came to me wanting to establish a house name in the wrestling world. Serving recreational wrestlers who enjoy the sport or need to use it as an outlet, and those highly skilled athletes that want to compete on a National and World level.


  • Brand Idea
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Touchpoints
  • Web Design/Development

Project Goals

Wright Way is committed to growing the sport of wrestling by mentally and physically evolving athletes into a champion. But, they are more than wrestling—they aim to give underprivileged youth opportunities to gain life skills and coping mechanisms from the sport. Wright Way gives post-graduate athletes, veterans, and coaches a place to get back into the sport, whether it is for recreational, therapeutic, or health purposes.
Create a brand image that holds true to its values, beliefs, and mantras through consistent design across all channels & platforms—as well as shedding light on WW’s differentiating points.
Generate awareness throughout the community, state, and nation and eventually expand to other pockets of the fitness world such as boxing, self-defense, and yoga in the future.


Wright Way Wrestling is built on the family’s history and success. The father and son are one of the most decorated duo’s in the wrestling world. With that came loyalty and trust from the community and a slogan that everyone related to. There is only One Way to wrestle, the Wright Way.
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For The Future
Building off the awareness and loyalty that the family already established, we built a Branded House around the name. Wright Way is now the umbrella company and each fitness service the owner opens will exist as its own branch of the company.
The Market
There is a big disconnect between the head coach and the kids in clubs that have 100 athletes per session. This lack of attention and coaching leads to advanced athletes to plateau in their skills which forces them to jump from club to club seeking the next challenge.
The Rebrand
WWW is known for its small intimate sessions and Private sessions with the head coach. This ensures every athlete gets quality time and attention putting the athlete’s improvement and performance first.
Wright Way Wrestling 2
Wright Way Wrestling 3
Community Outreach
Big on giving underprivileged youth opportunities to gain life skills and coping mechanisms from the sport.
Building A Championship Mindset
Teaching kids the power of persistence, focus, and discipline while enjoying the process as well as the results.
Confidence and Strength
Kids will gain crucial skills such as body and emotional control, problem-solving, and adaptability that can be carried over to their day-to-day lives. All giving them the confidence to make better choices.


A modern approach that is edge yet gender nuetral—catering to all athletes that join WWW—and easy for the business to maintain and scale in the future.



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W1 secondary mark for Wright Way Wrestling
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