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Research, Testing & Design
I help companies meet their goals while appealing to the users through extensive user research, testing, and human-centered design.

How Can We Work Together

User Experience 1

UX Analysis

I will conduct a UX analysis to evaluate your site’s desirability and usability through a heuristic evaluation, and interaction analytics such as heat maps, user session recordings, and more.

User Experience 2

User Discovery

Once a data analytics program is set up on your site and has collected ample amoun to data. I will review said analytics, send out surveys, and complete interviews to identify patterns and create personas.

User Experience 3

Usability Research

Usability research is done through tests like tasks analysis, card sorting, heuristic evaluations, and usability test to discover any frustrations and pain points within your current website layout.

User Experience 2

UX Design

Using the findings from research, and a human-centered approach allows me to find the sweet spot of feasibility, viability, and desirability while considering the real needs and desires of your specific users.

User Experience 5

User Testing

This is where we get validaiton on all of the work we have put into your new site. I will facilitate user interviews and surveys to verify the new design is desirable for the end-users and meets your business goals.

Double Diamond APPROACH

User Experience 6


Ready to make magic together? Tell me a little bit about your project and we can get started.